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Reya, Kourtni, Jade, Kiki, and Julie of Not Your Ex Lover on the stage of Mano Oculta

About Us

Not Your Ex Lover (NYXL) is a Latina all-girl band cosmically forged in the high desert of Central Oregon in the summer of 2022. After a year of “finding their sound” in a pink-lit garage, Kourtni (lead vocals, lyricist, and rhythm guitar), Julie (lead guitar and violin), Reya (bass and vocals), and KiKi (drums) are hitting the stage, bringing a unique sad-girl grunge pop vibe with an indie twist to Bend’s live music scene. Drawing inspiration from their lives, dreams, loves, and heartbreaks, NYXL infuses their music with raw emotion and relatable lyrics - all combined with a groovy rhythm that will steal your heart. Follow Not Your Ex Lover on Instagram and Tiktok to get a glimpse into what it means to be "Not Your Ex Lover". For more ways to support, click here

"It's as if Taylor Swift & Kurt Cobain made love in hell & created Not Your Ex Lover"

- @haveyoumetzac

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